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Job Title : Apprentice Nursery Assistant
Employer : B&M Care - Fledglings Nursery
Location : Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, HP4 1HN
Position Type : Apprenticeship
Sector : Care
Vacancy Reference : VAC-00984
Brief Description : We have an opportunity for an apprentice to join our Ofsted rated 'Good' Nursery team who are passionate about helping children in their early years to have fun whilst learning.


Qualifications Required : An employer will determine their own entry requirements for an employee to commence this apprenticeship, but these general entry requirements apply; you have to be aged 16 years or over, You also need to be a resident in England and not taking part in full-time education.
Vacancy Detail : • To be trained to provide quality care and education for the children in your care and recognise that the health, safety, well-being and happiness of the children in your care is your responsibility.
• To be supported to work in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage
• To value and respect all staff, children and parents/carers regardless of gender, disability, religion, sexuality, marital status, race, cultural background, age or any other form of potential prejudice,
as set out in the Equal Opportunities Policy.
• To provide stimulating activities that promote children's learning under the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as appropriate for your key group of children
• To attend staff meetings as appropriate. These will usually take place outside of normal working hours.
• To assist staff in keeping rooms looking presentable and inviting with fresh colourful displays, organised and safe storage solutions and clean and tidy floors.
• To maintain health and safety standards within the room.
• To contribute to the cleaning of the nursery as a whole, as directed in the laundry and bathroom rotas.
• To be trained to be observant for any signs of abuse or neglect of children and keep accurate and confidential records followed by the appropriate action as necessary with the Nursery Manager
involved throughout.
• To keep parents informed and involved with their children's achievements and progression within the nursery.
• To attend training courses relevant to the post on a regular basis to keep up to date on current legislation.
• To assist in constantly evaluating your own and the teams practise and make improvements where identified.
• To assist in contributing to the annual self evaluation of the whole nursery.
• To maintain confidentiality at all times as set out in the Confidentiality Policy
• To assist in taking responsibility for how the room operates on a day to day basis.
• This list is not extensive and all other reasonable tasks and duties to assist the day to day running of the nursery are expected of each member of staff.
From time to time this list may be slightly altered or added to.
Number of Positions Available : 2
Working Week : 40/45 hrs
Salary : £224.00 Per Week
Application Deadline Date : 03/06/2019
Possible Start Date : 10/06/2019
Personal Qualities : • Passionate about children.
• Caring.
• Present yourself in a professional manner.
• Demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm at all times.
Skills Required : Excellent Communication skills.
Listening / reliable/punctual.
Fill our daily reports / follow instructions.
Passion for creative learning and Child development.
Future Prospects : To work and achieve level 3 , room leader, supervisor
Training to be Provided : Children and Young persons Workforce L2 Intermediate Certificate.
Other Information : Candidates will be required to have an enhanced DBS Disclosure before any offer of employment can be made.
Salary will depend on age/experience lower rate is advertised here, candidates will receive confirmed salary details on appointment.
Things to consider : Early starts and finishes as required, must be flexible to meet needs of Nursery.
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Disclaimer: Within our industry employers are often looking to fill their positions with a suitable applicant ASAP therefore vacancies may close early if sufficient applications have been received. In order to have the best chance at being considered, we would encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.